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Academic Hall of Fame

Dealer Wins Large Sign Project at Local High School with Help from NSP’s Architectural Sign Team

At NSP, we offer hundreds of standard sizes and colors in signage, but where we excel is in customizing a solution for your unique situation. A high school in Ohio needed to create an eye-catching Academic Hall of Fame for their commons area. They reached out to their local distributor who remembered having a positive experience working with NSP. After the initial consultation, and with an eye on versatility and budget, the Architectural Signage team developed a proposal that offered a “better” and “best” option.

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Comprehensive Hospital Signage Installation

NSP Steps in to Supply Signage Project when Local Supplier Fails

A large regional hospital in North Carolina was in need of a full interior signage installation for their facility. After a local sign supplier had dropped the ball, the hospital’s administration was under pressure to secure a new reliable vendor. The dealer engaged in the bidding process and partnered with Navitor Specialty Products (NSP) to consult on the project.

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National Telecommunications Company Partners with NSP to Streamline Marketing Communications

Controlling Marketing Messages with Technology

While growing at a rapid pace, a national telecommunications company struggled with preserving their brand and managing their marketing messages to thousands of stores and independent providers. Retail sales associates would modify or create their own marketing materials which were then shared with peers and customers. They needed a process to protect and control their messaging to protect inaccurate information from spreading. This industry faces increasingly strict legal and regulatory requirements, tight budgets, and limited resources so a timely and cost effective solution was critical.

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Large Bank Requests Unique Stamps

NSP’s Broad Stamp Offering Solves Bank Problem

While banks and other financial institutions routinely use check endorsement stamps, teller stamps (for coding and dating deposits), Notary Public stamps, and signature stamps; in this case, they needed a stamp that would fit in a very small space for their safe deposit box logs. The bank approached NSP because they knew we excel in finding the right custom product for any need, and they were already using our proprietary procurement solution as well.

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Large Bank Requests Quick Delivery of Banners

NSP Trims Production Time to Help Global Bank

Unexpected projects come up, priorities change, and emergencies are inevitable. So, when a global financial services company needed a quick turnaround on over 200 retractable banners, they knew to call NSP.

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Large Financial Corporation Seeks Improved Delivery Time for Badges

NSP Streamlines Employee Badge Ordering Process

When you are managing employees at over 750 branches, streamlined processes and a reliable vendors are imperative. The bank’s marketing team was looking for a badge option that looked exactly like, or very similar to, the wood badge they were currently ordering, but with a better price point and more consistent turn times.

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